【Earth ♾️ Pieces】Apply for Player's Seat



【Earth ♾️ Pieces】Apply for Player’s Seat
  • 日時Saturday, March 16, 14:00-20:30
  • 場所 ZOU-NO-HANA TerraceMAP
  • 定員about 15 people

 12,500 yen *Excluding Tax


Participatory music project with all resonates life

Create a “Ode to joy” that no one has ever seen or heard before and give the courage and hope to live in this uncertain world where all we see is despair, also we give the courage to live and hope to this uncertain world where all we see is despair.

This is a program in which each of us becomes an irreplaceable “piece” that makes up the earth and weaves a woderful time together while performing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” . Please apply in the category that suits you best from among several options.


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<Players’ Sheet>
We are looking for musicians and music lovers who want to empower themselves and others and expand new possibilities of expression with their own skills in playing instruments and singing, together with scholarship players who have diverse circumstances and participants with different values.


⚫︎Age range: Over 14 years old
⚫︎Number of applicants: about 15 people
⚫︎Participation fee: 12,500 yen (with official bow tie & special meal box)
⚫︎Entry deadline : 23:59, February 2, 2024
⚫︎Result announcement : Early February, 2024
*This call is for those who will perform on March 16. Continued participation is not a prerequisite.
*Please pay the participation fee after passing the screening.
*Professional or amateur, type of instrument or genre is not required.
*If you use any musical instruments, please provide them by yourself.
*This program will be covered and filmed by the media. Please understand this beforehand.


【Schedule after passing the screening】
⚫︎Online Pre Meeting: Scheduled to be held at ZOOM in mid-February
⚫︎Main event: Saturday, March 16, 14:00-20:30 @ ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace
*There will be no prior practice or rehearsal, although assignments may be given.
*Other related programs will be announced after details are finalized.


【How to Apply】
To apply for the program, please read the following application instructions and submit the form. If you are unable to apply via the form for some reason, please contact us by Email.

1) Fill out the required information according to the form.
2) About filming the PR video under the following conditions.
     The content should show the instruments and techniques that you would like to perform in the performance.
     You are free to choose the content and music of your performance.
     The performance should be no more than 3 videos of approximately 2 minutes in length.
     Upload the video by youtube, vimeo etc. in a way that our organization can view it.


▶︎ Application Form


【Result announcement】
We will contact you by e-mail around early February.
Individual interviews may be conducted after document screening.
We will not respond to individual inquiries regarding selection criteria or screening results.



MAIL : contact@slowlabel.info
TEL/FAX : 045-642-6132 (Weekly 10:00~17:00)



Born in 1983 in Tokyo, Shuta Hasunuma formed the Shuta Hasunuma Phil and has been involved in numerous music productions, including domestic and international music performances, as well as in film, theater, and dance. He also applies the method of “composition” to material expressions, creating sculptures, videos, installations, performances, workshops, and projects. His international activities are extensive, including being a grantee of the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) in 2013 and being appointed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs for East Asia cultural exchange history in 2017. Notable solo exhibitions include “Compositions” (Pioneer Works, New York / 2018) and “ ~ ing” (Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo / 2018). He is a recipient of the 69th Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists. At the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Opening Ceremony, he arranged the Paralympic Anthem and conducted the Para Orchestra, composed of musicians both with and without disabilities.

Earth ♾️ Pieces World Premiere 2024.3.16

As of December 6,2023