New Project ‘Earth ∞ Pieces’ Launched, Featuring Shuta Hasunuma as Music Director!

2023 12/06 Wed

All Life Resonate Together, A Participatory Music Project
‘Earth ∞️ Pieces’ Launches!

Creating an ‘Ode to Joy’ that no one has ever seen or heard before,
We present courage and hope to live in this uncertain world filled with despair.

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▪️A world where everyone can shine as themselves

This is a program where each individual becomes an irreplaceable ‘Piece’ that constitutes the Earth, weaving together rich time while performing a sounds of Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy (Symphony No. 9)’. Here, regardless of musical experience or the barrier between professional and amateur, participants can choose their preferred way of involvement from multiple options. The program provides an environment where all participants can collaborate in a way that allows them to shine as themselves, on an equal footing.

Reference Image: Shuta Hasunuma Full Phil Public Rehearsal, photographed by Takehiro Goto.

In each session, a diverse range of professional musicians, selected by Shuta Hasunuma, will perform together. The ensemble will incorporate instruments not traditionally used in the Ninth Symphony, such as electronic and ethnic instruments, along with cutting-edge technologies like generative AI and natural sounds. Over the course of six years, leading up to 2030 – a key year for the international community’s shared SDGs goals – the ensemble will organically evolve at a gradual pace. Please look forward to experiencing moments where creativity and inspiration expand through the expressive power of these diverse ‘Pieces’!

▪️Join Us as a Participant in the First Phase of the Project!

In this first edition, we are calling players in three categories, each targeting people from different backgrounds. For details and application methods, please see the pages for each category.

①U25 Scholarship Sheet
We are seeking youth player who, despite facing challenges in accessing music due to disabilities or financial circumstances, have a passion for music and a strong desire to bring about change in themselves and society through this project.
 →More details and the application is here.

②Players Sheet
We are looking for musicians and music enthusiasts who wish to empower themselves or others, and expand the possibilities of new expressions, by utilizing their skills in playing instruments or singing, alongside scholarship players.
More details and the application is here.

③Mecenat Sheet
We are seeking companies, executives, and organizations that resonate with the vision of this project, wish to play a role in a new ecosystem transcending countries and industries, and aim to achieve the goals of the SDGs through creative approaches.
More details and the application is here.

④Supporters Sheet
This sheet is for those who may not perform themselves but resonate with the vision of this project and want to support the players with their imagination and empathy. You can enjoy a special dinner while watching the creative process unfold.
→Detailed announcement in early January.

【Comments from Shuta Hasunuma】

This project originated from my experience of creating and performing music with the members of the Para Orchestra at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. It’s an advancement of that initiative. What we do is listen to music, play music, and share those moments and spaces. It signifies that the lives of the audience and the players become sound, overlapping as music. I hope this unheard-of challenge will serve as an opportunity to create new realms. We look forward to your participation.

▪️Background of the Project 

<Reference Image:SLOW LABEL × Daniele Gingreco Social Circus (2019)>

SLOW LABEL has been implementing a variety of projects aiming to create a world of ‘diversity and harmony’ through the power of art, and to bring back a ‘SLOW’ sensibility to a society often preoccupied with productivity. Following the conclusion of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, we initiated new dialogues to disseminate the value of diversity to the wider society.

However, we often hear voices saying, ‘We recognize the need, but it’s difficult to put it into practice currently.’ Even when initiatives are undertaken, they largely depend on public funding, posing challenges in terms of sustainability. Furthermore, since the advent of COVID-19, unseen isolation and disparities have expanded amidst unprecedented rapid technological evolution, leaving everyone burdened with stress and difficulty in living.

In our activities, we have strongly felt that ‘accessibility (human rights)’ and ‘sustainability (environment)’ are two sides of the same coin. A psychologically safe environment where diversity is respected allows everyone to express their creativity in their own way and to respect each other, thus reducing the risk of harassment and supporting mental health. We believe that this approach to fundamental well-being is the most essential driving force for sustained actions that are kind to both people and the planet.


▪️Our Vision for the future


The aim of this project is to create a community (cultural ecosystem) that can contribute eternally to the well-being of both people and the planet, utilizing the power of art. Without being bound by existing industry structures or conventional wisdom, we are gathering domestic and international partners to nurture a “new culture” based on global ethical standards. Through the universally known “Ode to Joy,” we aim to create opportunities for interaction between people living in Japan and those from various cultures and values, distinguished by race, religion, nationality, etc. This initiative strives to be a pioneering model seeking a truly diverse and harmonious world, transcending all barriers.



Prior to the launch of the project, a talk salon featuring Yoshie Kris (Artistic Director of SLOW LABEL) and Shuta Hasunuma (Music Director of Earth ∞ Pieces) will be held. They will discuss the background of the project, explain each recruitment category, and share their perspectives on future prospects!”

Date:December 20th, 2023

1st part 16:00-17:15   Live-streamed on SLOW LABEL YouTube
2nd Part. 17:30-18:15.  Q&A Session for Press by zoom.  *Application Required

*The session will be conducted in Japanese. Later, the first part will be broadcast with Japanese and English subtitles. For interviews in English, we will accommodate them individually. Please contact us through our inquiry channel.



Yoshie Kris

Studied art management at Tokyo Zokei University and obtained a master’s degree in business design from Domus Academy in Italy. For over 25 years, she has been involved in citizen-participation art projects that connect people and communities from different fields, attempting social change through dialogue and collaborative processes. In 2010, she encountered the world of disability welfare due to osteosarcoma. The following year, she founded SLOW LABEL. As the general director of the Yokohama Paratriennale (2014-2020), she developed mechanisms for accessibility in stage and event production. For the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies, she comprehensively supervised planning, direction, choreography, casting, rehearsal operations, and commentary guides from a DE&I perspective. She received the 65th Yokohama Cultural Award “Culture and Arts Encouragement Award” and is a Thursday commentator on TBS’s “Hiruobi”

Shuta Hasunuma

Born in 1983 in Tokyo, Shuta Hasunuma formed the Shuta Hasunuma Phil and has been involved in numerous music productions, including domestic and international music performances, as well as in film, theater, and dance. He also applies the method of “composition” to material expressions, creating sculptures, videos, installations, performances, workshops, and projects. His international activities are extensive, including being a grantee of the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) in 2013 and being appointed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs for East Asia cultural exchange history in 2017. Notable solo exhibitions include “Compositions” (Pioneer Works, New York / 2018) and “ ~ ing” (Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo / 2018). He is a recipient of the 69th Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists. At the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Opening Ceremony, he arranged the Paralympic Anthem and conducted the Para Orchestra, composed of musicians both with and without disabilities.


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