3/28 SLOW MOVEMENT Showcase & Forum vol.5



3/28 SLOW MOVEMENT Showcase & Forum vol.5 (English)
  • 日時2021/ 28th, MARCH Sun.
    4:00-7:00 pm (AEDT)
    2:00-5:00 pm (JST)
  • 場所ONLINE



Well-being Arts


Facing New Challenges within COVID-19 Disruptions:
Approaching Physical & Mental Wellbeing through the Arts

SLOW LABEL has held our “Showcase & Forum” event annually since 2016, focusing on performing arts for people with disabilities. This year will be the fifth and final presentation in this series. 2020 was a cruel year across people’s life style and the arts due to COVID-19. We are now compelled to change our ordinary way how to do and values not only for social activities, but also arts, and cultural and welfare activities.
Despite the challenges created by the pandemic, we found that many new opportunities for people to work with us were generated through online video techniques and distribution.
Due to COVID-19 this event is being presented as an experimental online performance, which is a new transformation for community and the arts sector. In the DISCUSSION session for this event, we will talk about our SOCIAL CIRCUS activities report from 2020, and the tips we are developing to create a more well-cultured and healthy future through the performing arts.


4:00- (AEDT)/ 2:00- (JST)    PART1
“Documentary of SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT”

This documentary tells the story of 6 years of SLOW LABEL. How SLOW LABEL initiated creative activities for people with disabilities, and how we first explored the concept of the “SOCIAL CIRCUS.” The documentary reveals how SLOW LABEL stepped to establish a SOCIAL CIRCUS company called “SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT” for people with disabilities.

Directed, filmed, edited by Kazune Yahikozawa (Paradrift.Inc)




The first Japanese “SOCIAL CIRCUS” company was established by SLOW LABEL. Due to its features the “SOCIAL CIRCUS” model is becoming widely popular in Japan. This is because the SOCIAL CIRCUS increases social opportunities, wellbeing, and the overall profile of creative people living with disabilities. Now various people, who have different background, nationalities and genders, also whether they are with or without disabilities, join the “SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT,” and practice works and do workshops.
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5:00- (AEDT)/ 3:00- (JST)     PART2
Japan-Australia Joint Project “羽衣 -HAGOROMO-“

Although isolated by COVID-19 and separated by the vast distance between Australian and Japan, this remarkable project brings together the timeless beauty of Ryoko Aoki – Noh singer – and the electronic sonic wonderland of The Amplified Elephants. Through a process of sophisticated online streaming, the Melbourne-based Elephants and Japan’s Aoki will translate the music of the Noh play “羽衣 -HAGOROMO-” into a cross-cultural expression of creative solidarity. The project features the Disruptive Critters interface created by Shigenori Mochizuki at Ritsumeikan University, and Jonathan Duckworth, James Hullick and Ross Eldridge at RMIT University.

*AID:The Toyota Foundation “Interactive Arts and Disability : Creative Rehabilitation and Activity for Individuals with a Disability (Representative: Shigenori Mochizuki)”; Australia Japan Foundation.

Singer: Ryoko Aoki (Noh singer)
Performers: The Amplified Elephants (Sound Art Ensemble)
Media Artists:
Jonathan Duckworth (Interactive designer/Associate Prof from RMIT Uni.)
Shigenori Mochizuki (Media Artist/Associate Prof. from Ritsumeikan Uni.)

After the 15-min. performance of “羽衣 -HAGOROMO-”, there will be a discussion about the collaboration.

Ryoko Aoki
James Hullickh (Sound Artist/ Jolt Arts. Inc CEO)
Jonathan Duckworth
Shigenori Mochizuki
Moderator: Yoshie Kris (Para Creative Producer/SLOW LABEL Director)

6:00- (AEDT)/ 4:00- (JST)    PART3
“Well-being Arts”

Shigenori Mochizuki (Media Artist/Associate Prof. from Ritsumeikan Uni.)
Keisuke Kanai (Circus Artist/SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT Director)
Yoshie Kris (Para Creative Producer/SLOW LABEL Director)

※Programs and time schedules are subject to change
※Having Japanese simultaneous subtitle , Japanese- English and English- Japanese voice interpreter

Organize: SLOW LABEL
Co-Organize: Minato Ward(Minato City: Cultural Program, Business Partnerships 2020)
Sponsorship: Australia Japan Foundation
Spport: Australian Embassy
Project Partners (PART2): RMIT University, Jolt Arts Inc., Ritsumeikan University, SANSHIN ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd., 5Stream
Venue Provide: Wacoal Art Center
Planning/ Production: SLOW LABEL

Australian Staff
Computer Programmer, Creative Coder: Ross Eldridge
Distribution Support: 5stream

Japanese Staff
technical coordinate:Raku Nakahara (LUFTZUG)
staged director:You Takano
camera, broadcast:Kazuhiko Kumagai (littlenèllo), Takeshi Awaya (littlenèllo), Yuu Kobayashi (MICE ENTERTAINMENT INC.), Yoshihito Kawasaki (MICE ENTERTAINMENT INC.), Tomoya Kishimoto
lighting:Go Ueda (RYU)
sound:Takeshi Inarimori
translation:Tomoko Momiyama (Art Translators Collective), Kyle Yamada (Art Translators Collective)


Together with local and international artists, SLOW LABEL identifies issues faced by communities and designs systems for people/things/activities through bringing together experts, local citizens, enterprises, and government bodies that lead to solutions from the minorities’ point of view. While always questioning their own ethos and never fearing change, SLOW LABEL aims to achieve a diverse and harmonic society through recuperating a sense of “slowness”.
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Noh Singer
Ryoko Aoki

Ryoko Aoki holds a unique position in the field of Noh theatre as a female singer and performer. She has performed in several traditional Noh plays, historically the reserve of male actors. Above all, she is the pioneer of and inspiration for a new artistic form combining Noh with contemporary music. More than 50 works have been written for her by various composers including Peter Eötvös, Toshio Hosokawa, Stefano Gervasoni and José María Sánchez-Verdú.
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Sound Art Ensemble
the Amplified Elephants

A leading Australian sound art ensemble, many of The Amplified Elephants’ projects have been presented internationally and in prominent Australian venues. Mentored by JOLT Arts director James Hullick, The Amplified Elephants was produced by Footscray Community Arts Centre’s Artlife Program for people with intellectual disabilities in partnership with JOLT Arts from 2006 – 2019.
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Interactive Designer, Associate Prof from RMIT Uni.
Jonathan Duckworth

Duckworth is an Associate Professor in Digital Design; director of CiART, School of Design at RMIT, and artist in the audio-visual Duckworth Hullick Duo. Dr Duckworth has established a strong reputation for his interdisciplinary practice-based design research that forges synergies between media art, human computer interaction, health science, disability, and game technology.
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Media Artist, Associate Prof. from Ritsumeikan Uni.
Shigenori Mochizuki

Dr. Mochizuki is Associate Professor in College of Image Arts and Sciences at Ritsumeikan University, and Media artist. He researches on the field of Human interface and interaction, Life/Health/Medical informatics, entertainment and game informatics, art at large. His markable work is “Wheelchair DJ.” (linked below) Studying digital media for disabilities, elderly people, and children.

Aboout Wheelchair DJ


Composer, Sound Artist
James Hullick

Hullick is the CEO & Artistic Director of JOLT Arts. Hullick founded the organization in 2008 whilst completing his PhD studies at RMIT University’s School of Art. Since 2006 he has mentored The Amplified Elephants – a sound art ensemble for people with disabilities. This ensemble began through the Footscray Community Arts Centre’s (FCAC) ArtLife program where he worked as a sound art mentor.
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Computer Programmer, Creative Coder
Ross Eldridge

Ross Eldridge is a creative coder and programmer who has formed a long-term extensive collaboration with A/Prof Jonathan Duckworth with over 15 years of experience developing interactive applications and digital artworks. Eldridge explores the technical side of creating real-time interactive visual and audio experiences. His primary experience is in developing interactive virtual environments, input tracking systems and real-time 3D graphics programming.


Circus Artist, SLOW CIRCUS PROJECT Director
Keisuke Kanai

He started street performance when he was a junior high school student. As an overseas trainee of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, he was the first Japanese to go to the French National Circus School (CNAC). After graduating, a two-year European tour at the circus directed by Philippe Decouflé. After that, founded the French Contemporary Circus Company and performed in 35 countries around the world. Returned to Japan in 2009. SLOW LABEL Performing Director since 2014.


Para Creative Producer, SLOW LABEL Director
Yoshie Kris

With a focus on “the extraordinary within the ordinary,” she develops a variety of projects that connect people and communities from diverse fields and cultures, creating new values. In 2010, having lost all lower limb function in her right leg due to osteosarcoma, she encountered the world of disability welfare services, and following year established SLOW LABEL .Tokyo 2020 comprehensive team creative director.